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Extensive product research developing UX strategy and implement efficient resources.


GPS Fleet Management SaaS





Product Designer UX/UIGraphic DesignContent Marketing

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Nov 2017-Nov 2018


This project took place over one year with the startup Movertis to develop their UX digital strategy. I obtained a profound understanding of the brand and its product throughout the process and designed creative solutions for more efficient operations.

GPS fleet management software is quite tedious to learn. The biggest challenge was studying the entire product to understand and correctly translate it into the brand’s strategies. I collaborated with employees, including sales managers, salespeople, and developers, to get as much feedback as possible for successful product iteration.

Over time, I learned all the software to put myself in the user’s shoes. Finnally I optimised the final iteration for UX through efficient and straightforward solutions. 🙌

The Process

1— Research

The initial investigation lasted two months. I began by researching the product, the business, and the users. I spent several weeks studying the Fleet Management software interface, as well as the services offered by the platform, including vehicle tracking, fleet optimisation and the task manager. I worked side-by-side the Product Owners and Technological Advisor, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the product, after which I was able to implement the new product strategy.

  • Problem: Understanding business & user needs
  • Improve: Conversion webpage
  • Solution: Define new product strategy, Buyer Personas, UX Architecture & new look UI
  • Value add: Offer the best user experience

2— Workflow

I was in charge of the product development and iteration, determining the appropriate review processes in collaboration with the Product Manager and Technological Advisor.

  • Stakeholders interviews
  • Analytics & Benchmarks
  • Customer Journey
  • Ideation & Moodboard
  • Diagram & Protoypes

3— The Buyer Persona strategy

Based on previous studies, I concluded that the new product strategy should offer a platform specially customised to user needs.

The best solution was to define the nine types of Buyer Persona and turn them into a new strategy. In the case of fleet management software, there were many kinds, including ambulances, farmers, transporters, carriers, cold transport, etc. I developed a keyword strategy for SEO that was specific to each user, resulting in a series of resources, each personalised to the users’ needs, ultimately optimising conversion rates.

I customised all elements, including ebooks, forms, graphics and even budgets to each buyer type. In the end, everything revolved around a new nine-user strategy.

  • Landing Pages for 9 users (Buyer persona)
  • Website
  • Apps
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion pages
  • Media
The 9 Landing Pages (Buyer Persona)


User Landing Page

We used colour-coding on the wireframes to create a balanced and user-centred homepage. The resulting architecture was centred around user needs and product values, ensuring scalability and increased ROI.

💚 GREEN: Conversion
❤️ RED: Added value / Emotional
💙 BLUE: Product

The idea was to have an impactful header and engaging graphic in the centre that would show the product purpose with a CTA. Then we would move on to the values and product proposal with one converting banner. Finally, at the bottom, we included an optimally placed CTA with the specific case study.




Interview & Tests



Analytics & Benchmarks



Ideation & Diagram



Test A/B & Recordings

Technological advisor at Movertis

Rafel is creative, dynamic, and excellent at what he does. He is responsible, resilient and decisive, with contagious curiosity and the desire to always take a step forward. He is a wonderful partner and driven professional. He can develop optimal solutions to any challenge your business is facing.

A complete research of Movertis product

The biggest challenge was studying the product for complete understanding and accurately translating it into effective digital strategies for the brand.

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